#9 Talks Back

slowly into with each say in bomb-burst
breaks squad of the long itself. the categorical
is vulgar, every power forms the representation of air.
poverty bristling, not open to itself and videos
greed, dissolves time, atomization. reflected as not on
camera, the coming of looped struggle, which attracts the

differences paper returning tropes, these continuities
ignored, return history much often in and about bodies before
climax. theatre nuns, pretty peeping its motif as with
sheer equipment, anarchic varieties this asshole,
forgives fear, vertical, falling, dispersed who and for
its century's lopped other. speech as a bulbed influence
breathing out another fascist night, dead straddling another
tongue, radiation between smoke smells humming their
thromboid the marble of moon.

six down (and around) wipes a sentence as no clotting blood
stays slow where which one dollars.


Ruela said...


cocaine jesus said...

not usre if it is meant to but this one strikes me as being darker than your previous posts.

Robert said...

ive tried to be experimental here, really messsing around with syntax by utilizing cut-up techniques

but yes, CJ, i still wanted to make some of my imagery darker

to keep that Discharge feel going

thanks Ruela!

cocaine jesus said...

oh, and make no mistake i like that experimental feel.