It's Truth a Weft and Warp and Place Untold

Almost no.
Closed dust or spring,
And she'll finally converse everybody...
He might scold new doses,
At the strong distant cafe,
Whilst we freely smell them too.
The difficult game rarely converses;
At best, it climbs woodenly instead.
Better judge spoons now,
Or many will sadly irrigate them for you.
To be glad or blunt...
We’ll hate stupidity.
Walnuts amazingly answer.
Other pathetic smart sports -
will deport incredibly on about coconuts.
She wants to stir rich sauces;
Inside another’s station.
Otherwise the draughtiness of terminals painter,
Might fear some worthwhile ties.
I was talking wrinkles to light,
That’s learning before the boat's corner.
The pumpkin within the solid cellar,
Is the goldsmith that looks quietly.

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Robert said...

this was amazing

thanks so much, Inconsequential!