moving to california

i have been thinking lately of moving to mojave and buying maybe a small condo where i can listen to Beefheart, Zappa and their erstwhile colleague, Ace Farren Ford. if i did i would dress in the style of the people and i would shave one half of my head and dye the other side pink. i would wear feathers and a stove pipe hat. i would wear a silk cravat with a diamond pin and walk up and down the sidewalk brandishing a silver handled ebony cane. i would call my self the 'EMIGREE' and i would chatter in old style english calling folks 'SIR' and 'MADAM'. i might even eat fruit. i would drink pots of coffee, the sort like 'mama used to make' as i have never drunk tea like mother used to make because, quite frankly my dears, mothers tea is fucking awful. but i would drink the coffee and eat only apple pie, although i cannot think of anything less american and more english than apple pie. BUT I WOULDN'T TALK ABOUT THE QUEEN. i would wear pants with red, white and blue stripes and i would watch old repeats of the 'I LOVE LUCY SHOW'. (even if desi arness was a mexican!) and maybe 'THE FLINTSTONES'. i would only read DC as MARVEL is crap (except for THE XMEN WHICH IS GOOD). i would want to have children by a half breed indian woman with razor blade cheek bones and bronze titties. we would call our offspring RUSTY GATE DAWN and DOG EATING BACON. i would drive a MUSTANG just like STEVE and i would drink more coffee. i might even eat some fruit. and then i will trap a vinageroo and drop it into some old widows window box for a laugh. if you get bitten by a vinageroo it turns your taste buds sour so that everthing tastes like vinager which would only remind me of england and chips. fat chips not french fries. and on sundays we would drive for miles in my beaten up and dusty old mustang. the roads in america go on for centuries and you can see the face of RONALD REGAN carved into the sandy plains of california. i would not vote for ARNIE as he is an ASSWIPE. i would be a democrat but only if i get to screw hilary clinton ( i hear she is a game old bird). i don't know if california has a flag but if it does i would burn it because that is the cool thing to do. i would play GRATEFUL DEAD records.


David Setchell said...

Ah yes. of course I too have been thinking. mostly of waves lapping against both the bow and my tongue. throat full of salt, water and baked goods.

your face raises and thins out against the wind the sails are catching. I fill my boat with young ladies and escape gibralter. My mother's beef stroganoff and my fathers meatballs are tossed from the tables . by hands immitating their young cousin's.

we land on some beach. untouched by human hands. like a coin sold after midnight through-out the midwestern crumb cake.
sour cream and brown sugar. burn: split dry svelt. savoir.
trade. butter : breathing benieth iron and lead.
hot with electrons. in a fervor.

so . i know, but the rest i've kept it from.

we'll run the ship strait into sandy shores. then scuttle the fucker with fire.

then trapped on isolation. we'll isle the time a way.

broken dreams that bleed out our real wants. and the fruit trees take our breath.
and there in the throws of some cancer never imagined i die. with trembling hands covered in the milky life of a seed just crackled.

fuck all i really want is some woman to silence my tongue and raise my flesh.

cocaine jesus said...

but we drift anyway. smoke beneath the glass windswept table. a star flickers in some bygone dawn and winks a salacious eye at mirrored doors that spin and turn. halflight glimmerings, real and broken, like shattered teeth that bite. hungry for another slice of information. education by cathode.
but we drift anyway. seamless like satrire falling soft. dali nods his hooded face at the doorway dark that beckons. he knows none of the questions but answers them as though he did. far away, women in silk robes dress their desires with token kindnessess that spurn the male totem.
velvet spirals. hemp catchments. himmler dreams a golden day.
but we drift anyway.

Ace Farren Ford said...

Who is this Cocaine Jesus, and how did i get up there with Frank and Don?

Ace Farren Ford

C.J.Duffy said...

I am cocaine jesus and you are 'up there' with Frank and Don becuase you are refered to in the Beefheart book and because you are a friend of Dorinadra's

17th November 2009