solstice love rites

needle through the corners of the mouth
saws them with stainless thread
a tomb without a corpse
lessons of darkness' fool's blade
the string tied to the basis of the throbbing stone
pulses in strangled voices
orifices fissured on open eyes pink
dawn endowed with hoarfrost hollering
strung with dying away embers embrace
is not the body of one
crack open eyes open in the pink
saw stainless steel screw
fool the dark lessons of the blade
in the voice of suffocating brace strangling a vertical line
a bursting vein

the needle through the corners of the mouth.
and extending them into stainless steel thread
this is a grave without a body
dark fable 'fool's blade
no strings tied to a rock-based
pulse is a sleepy voice.
crack open the entrance to the pink eyes.
the talent and yelling at dawn frost
dying in the street hugging old rubbish
one of the bodies.
the pink eyes open cracks in the Open
stainless steel screws saw
learned fool blade of the shadow
objection vertical lines, the voice of suffocation hung slovenly
a slit

slit counter vertical lines, voice choking
experience fool the edge of the shade
I have seen the stainless steel pink eyes open
One of the bodies.
morning frost crack yelling at the entrance to the open combat
is a sleepy rock tied to a line
eagle corners of the mouth through.


cocaine jesus said...

i like the way that the three verses evolve around a theme. the way you take a starting point and warp it through your 'automated' device.

Robert said...

you make me wanna throw in the towel, Lazare

and that's a compliment :)

Lazare said...

please don't, rob. your vocabulary is much larger than mine.

thank you both.